Prediction Updates for 2017

Ok, guys! I’m getting back into the mode of posting every day or so! So today we’ll be talking about the predictions I have for what types of updates there will be in Clash Royale. That is if only Supercell won’t discontinue Clash Royale😞😪. So I’ve been hearing rumors that they are discontinueing it in March to May, so I’ll be doing predictions for those major updates that come out once a month. 

1. I definitely think they will nerf the Elite Barbarians. I mean, come on, they’re way too strong for being in the game! Even though I use them in my deck, I still think they’re too OP, so they should be nerfed without a doubt.

2. Another thing is, if Supercell really will trash Clash Royale, then they will make a new game sometime either late 2017 or early 2018.

3. I think they will create a new chest or something by the end of 2017.

4. They should probably add cards regularly to keep the interest going, so if Clash Royale is kept, then I expect there to be around 85 cards in the game by the end of the year.

5. I believe they will make in some sort of way easier to get legendaries in the earlier part of the game, not just how lucky you are. 

6. They should make it easier to get gold in the game because on my lower level account, I’m having real problems with gold. I’ve only bought maybe three epic in my whole career, but I’m so low on gold, I can’t afford to get a level 7 zap right now. It might be in a chest for where you can get a chest that gives you a ton of gold, like 5k or something, but no cards. 

7. Another Arena might be added, but only if they bump Legendary Arena up to 4000 trophies or something like that. Then they could make an arena at like 3100 and later add something to fill in the 900 trophy range. Or they could just bump Legendary Arena to only 3500 to make that 3100 Arena only a 400 trophy gap.

8. For next Christmas and New Years, they’re probably going to add something like a special event where if you get 12 wins, you can use some cool and OP spell or troop only available for like two weeks or something.

That’s all for the predictions! Thanks for reading, and come back tommorow for one more Clash News!


Don’t Worry! I’ll Still be Posting!

Hey guys! Sorry for the period of time in which I haven’t posted for like a month! I was on vacation and skiing! And you know what parents do. They say you can’t use your phone for anything but calling on vacation! So, now we got to finish up with the legendary week! Today it’ll be… if we had Miner last time, now its the Sparky! 

So the Sparky. It isn’t all that great, and I don’t know how to use it great cuz I don’t have it, but I’ll try making some decks that worked well for my friends.


Its really a pretty cheap deck! Only 3.375 elixir or gamewise 3.4! It’s a deck my friend used to overwhelm all the way up to arena 9 or now 10, the Legendary Arena. What you do is really place your giant in the back one you have 8+ elixir and then just build up a push. And sometimes, when you know your opponent doesn’t have anything that zaps and they’re low on elixir, you can send out a lone Sparky and it may get a shot off at the tower! Pretty much, the rest of the cards are just for defending or reinforcing your push so the opponent can’t just place something like a Skeleton Army and kill both the Sparky and Giant leaving you in a terrible position where you are losing by 8 elixir! That’s a huge difference! That’s why you have a zap, archers, goblins, and mega minion for flying stuff. In double elixir, if you really like, replace the goblins for a Mirror and Mirror the Sparky behind the Giant! Skarmy won’t stop it and it will kill a giant with a shot from each Sparky! Yeah, but you need a air reinforcement because if they place a Minion Horde, the whole push is done and that puts you in a 13 elixir disadvantage! I repeat, 13 elixir disadvantage! So be ready with a zap and archers so they can kill the flying troops ASAP!  If this is successful, you pretty much have a garunteed three crown. All this is based off of what my friend told me, so don’t comment and tell me I’m stupid and you lost 50’times in a row.

 This is definitely not what you will use in Legendary Arena unless you are level 13 and the season just ended. This is an abseloutely crazy deck that at first glance I would 100% throw out. But once you do try it out, it actually works decently. I got a bit different deck from one of GAMINGwithMOLT’s videos about a month and a half ago. I kinda reworked it and made it from a Hog Sparky deck, to a Hog, Sparky, cheap stuff, Rage deck! The big problem, though, is that it’s very tempting to use the Sparky on offense, which is a big mistake since there really isn’t much for it to do there because this deck doesn’t have any major tanks. Use it only on defense and then just build up for a push with Hog in front and something like Archers support and have zap on the ready. If you manage to make a good push, just drop the Rage and everything is like twice as fast and the Sparky is just OP now. You should most likely get the tower down after doing this twice. So when you start playing this and this exact deck doesn’t work for you, switch it up a bit and get what you like, since I told you this is based off of what my friends have told me and work for them. Also, if I woulda made a deck, it would need quite a bit of tweaking because I don’t have the Sparky and don’t know the best uses for it.

That’s it for today! But don’t worry, I’ll keep on posting! Thanks for reading, and come back tommorow for some more Clash News!

Day #6 of The Legendary Week!

Guys! We’re almost done, just three days to go! Today will be the Miner! This will be the second post today because I was sick once and yesterday couldn’t charge my iPad and needed to wait for my iPad to work again. But, going back to the game itself, we will be discussing the Miner. Since I have him, I consider him as the best Legendary of the three I have (Miner, Inferno Dragon, Ice Wizard).

So that’s just the stats, but how you play him is a heck lot more important! This card is real tricky because you gotta Time him right and place him where the opponent won’t predict him.

Deck #1

The whole point of this deck is to overwhelm and is a 100% zap bait deck! Whoever loves cheap swarmed, this is YOUR NEW DECK! Its average elixir cost is just 3.285 or gamewise 3.3! So now we will go over how to play this deck!

Try to defend your ground, and then do pushes like Miner Horde or whatever way you like! Just send in the Miner and then some swarms or high damage troop like Mega should kill the tower or atleast take it down low. And if you are in really high levels, then you can just send in the Miner all by himself and deal about 300 damage! Even if you don’t believe me, try it out! I learned this from Molt’s videos that if you have a high level Miner, just send it in by himself. You’ll be surprised how much he can do! Also, try to bait the zap with either the GB or the Skarmy. It will help a lot cuz then you place the Miner on the tower and the other one and they are dead

Thanks for reading! And come tomorrow for some more Clash News!

Day #5 of The Legendary Week! (Graveyard from Spell Valley!)

Hey guys! Today I’m going to post about the Graveyard! Sorry, I forgot somehow, probably because I’ve almost never seen it. But, who cares, were still going to get a post on it! Yesterday I did not post anything because I was first at school, and then I was sick, so I didn’t have a chance to post. And it’s not that type of “sick” where you coughed twice and that’s it, I was nauseous and wanted to vomit almost 3 hours straight! Whatever, I don’t want to make you gross out!

By the way, I was watching Nickatnyte‘s video yesterday and there will be some great balance changes and the new Jungle Arena! That will be real cool! So, the Graveyard is basically a spell that spawns 20 rugged skeletons of a minimum level 9 and they get one higher each time you upgrade it. It all happens over a time of 10 seconds making this quite useful! Place a tank and Graveyard on the tower All I pz4 and watch the skeleton shred! The only problem is that it’s got a huge radius which makes it a bit harder to place without skeletons going on the king tower. Now let’s just list the pros and cons!


  1. 20 skeletons is a lot!
  2. If tanked by something like giant, then it just kill the tower easily.
  3. Spawns over time so a splash unit can’t take them out in just 2 or 3 shots.


  1. Quite expensive! – it costs 5 elixir for a portable skeleton army!😬
  2. Easy to counter with something like an Ice Golem because he explodes them later.
  3. People react to it and know it’s dangerous, usually overprotecting making the Graveyard useless sometimes.
  4. Once you take down one tower, the king helps out which is a problem.
  5. The radius is quite large, so if you make some skeletons spawn too close to the king, he will activate making it harder!

Now that’s a lot of cons, which is why this is one of the legendaries I do not want to get anytime before stuff like the Log or Princess. Those would most definitely be more useful for me!

I couldn’t find a high quality photo of just the graveyard stats, so I had to do this. But, still, it just shows you the exact stats of the Graveyard in pretty high quality. Now to the decks!

 Deck #1

This deck is really pretty basic and cheap with an average elixir cost of 3.86 but gamewise 3.9. It’s half zap bait, half big push deck. This will be pretty had to pull of because of the Graveyard costing 5 elixir, but in most cases you should be okay if you use the elixir properly. What you do is either do GB with the Graveyard or start a Giant push from behind your king, because if it’s near the bridge, the whole push will be too expensive to get much down. If you just defended a push and still have several troops like Mega Minion and Archers left over, then just send in the cheaper tank – Hog Rider 🐗🐗🐗⬇️⬇️, to deal with the tower and put in some serious damage! Other than this deck and some crazy decks that just happen to work out, I can’t really think of anything so I’m just going to end the post at this for today!

Thanks for reading! And keep on clashing into my Clash News!

CLONE Spell! The New Exciting Spell from Clash Royale!

Hey guys! What’s up! It’s me, legoroyale, and today we will be going over how to use and what the best strats for the Clone Spell that came out about three days ago is. Sorry, it’s been a while and I’ve been quite busy with some household stuff and The Legendary Week postings. But today, I found some time to do a Clone Spell realease post! 

So, this is the spell that let’s you pretty much Mirror troops in its 3 tile radius. However, the health decrease is so large, that even the lowest damage card in the game, Ice Spirit, kills the Cloned troop. I believe that the Cloned unit has just one health, but who knows, maybe I’m wrong. Let me show you what it looks like when a troop is being Cloned.

The second photo is not real, so don’t start commenting that, oh, the second photo is a fake! It’s just to show you what it looks like when you clone something. Now I will make some decks that work well with the Clone Spell.

  Deck #1

  • Cards: Giant, Giant Skeleton, Mega Minion, Zap, Minions, Furnace, Archers, Clone.
  • Main Clone Target: Giant Skeleton or Mega Minion
  • Why Clone Them: Giant Skeleton will drop the bomb after he dies if he’s near the tower and Mega Minion does a lot of damage when something like its original or a Giant is tanking it.

Now I’ll explain what to do in more detail and when.

The whole point of this deck is to get the Giant Skeleton to the tower, and then clone, and when he dies it drops the bomb. Pretty much the rest of the cards are just to make a path for the Giant Skeleton. 

  Deck #2

  • Cards: Lava Hound, Miner, Clone, Mega Minion, Archers, Tombstone or Furnace, Zap, Log or Arrows.
  • Main Clone Target: Lava Hound when it has a support nearby
  • Why Clone It: If the tower targets the Cloned Hound first, then it pops, targets the original, and the Cloned pups kill!

This deck is really just to attack the cloned one first! Because then the pups pop, the tower retargets on the original Lava Hound, and then the cloned pups kill while the other Hound is just chilling!

    Thanks for reading! And come back tommorow for some more Clash News!

    PS I didn’t post anything yesterday because I was first at school, then sick! Sorry 😐.

    Day #4 of The Legendary Week!

    Guys, were almost half way done! Just 5 days to go! And today (again) we are moving to a new arena!!! So, now we are out of the sissy arenas and into the last several ones. And this is the arena with three legendaries! That’s a lot for one arena! Let’s just get going! I’m going go from cheapest to most expensive, so the first will be the too OP Log! 

    As always, we will list the pros and cons of this card. The list will be super long for this one!


    1. High Damage – the Log is technically a high damage zap. It’s not even fair.
    2. Super long range – it’s got a 9.6 range! I mean, it’s like a non-reusable Princess!
    3. It pushes stuff back – even the tankless unit get pushes back by around 3 tiles, soooooo good!
    4. Very cheap – it’s just two elixir, but amazing with just that. Think about it, it’s a large range, high damage, Princess killing, bowling ball pushing everything in its path!
    5. Does a double shot – if you try to kill a half health Tombstone, you may think the skeletons will still come out, but no, the Log kills both!


    1. Only ground troops – the only reason zap is still even being used is because of the Log’s ground damage only!
    2. Sometimes pushing stuff back isn’t the best thing to do, especially if it will go to the side and kill a low health tower.

    Now I will list some of the best decks the log can be used in. PS This was hard because log is good pretty much everywhere! Therefore, I will just list some of the more popular decks it is used in.

    Deck #1

    Ultimately, I chose the Royal Giant Lightning deck as the best one to be used in as of December 2016! I mean, about 1 in 2 people who are in Legendary arena use this deck, and it works! And arrows can be substituted by zap if that makes life a lot easier and cheaper for you. The whole point of the deck is to outrange one of the opponents tower with the RG (Royal Giant) and make it last a ton longer. Barbs are really just tanks and good front-line supporters. Mega Minion can be used on defense to take out tanks troops or offense if something is tanking for it to do that 350/swing. Furnace is the only splash card here and is essential to having the Royal G to come through safely. The Log is for great coverage and pushing your opponents troops back from the RG. By now you probably get it, just play the game of “Protect the RG” and you will most likely win unless it’s a pretty much perfect counter deck to this one. If this deck isn’t of your taste, try deck #2.

    Deck #2

    Can’t argue with this, cuz after TMD Yao Yao won $25,000 with it, pretty much everybody used it! Therefore, this has got to be the second deck using the Log. The whole point of this deck is to just counterpush by defending an attack and then to place the Golem to tank. The average elixir cost of this deck is actually very decent – exactly 4, so that’s just about what I call an average cost. What you actually do is place the Tombstone, wait for the opponent to attack, defend with Minions and Mega Minion and whichever spell is best at that time you use. Log is usually to push units back and kill small troops or counter a GB. Lightning is to take out support cards behind whatever the tank is. Try to predict when the Minions and Mega Minion will finish off your opponent’s push and just about 6 second beforehand sent out the Golem. This will be a great tank for the Minions and Mega behind it. Together, they will crush! Place down Musketeer if you have a safe amount of elixir left over. And then that will probably take the tower.

    Thanks for reading! Come back tommorow for Day #5 of The Legendary Week! We will be discussing the Arena 6 Miner!

    (Sorry, I forgot about about the Graveyard! It’s so new still! And nobody uses it!)

    Razor Hovertrax Hover Board for Sale!

    Hey guys! At home I’ve got a Razor Hovertrax Hover Board that came out just this year with a new battery prone to setting on fire. At a store this Hover Board would cost around $400, but since it has been used by me several times, I am selling it for much less. My goal is to sell it for atleast $300, and if you can go even higher, that would be great! Please go directly to my WordPress site and go to the comments to negotiate on the price with me. If you hear this from one of your friends or people you know, it’s ok, because I will be telling several people so they could be able to spread the word. I will add some pictured of the Hover Board and its packaging and manual so that you will be convinced this is not just a fake where I am trying to get money. Damage is minimal. Only small scratches. Unpackaged October 11, 2016. Used 2 times for 25 minutes, once indoors. As I said, this model came out just a year ago, and Razor is the highest rated and quality brand of Hover Boards there is (as said in official description). Must be in greater Chicago. Includes charger and adapter. When ordering through comments, please state your address. Only one is available in stock, so hurry! Thanks for reading! Please comment if you have any questions. I got these photos from the internet, but the Hovertrax itself is the same.